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The boat :  La Barque du Somail

“La Barque Du Somail” was built in 1962, it brought the sailors from the ship on land.
In June 2012, the Canal Du Midi became his place of secondment.
The boat is constructed of Mahagony on oak frames with a teak wooden deck. It has a bronze plating on the waterline and a bronze kiel bar.
The propulsion is provided by a 70 HP Mercedes gasoilmotor.
It’s a pleasure to take you on the boat for a romantic trip on the Canal Du Midi.

The tour

Tour Price
Boat tour 1 hour, max. 12 persons, €11.- p/p
Boat rental 2 hours  € 160.-
max. 12 persons
After that €75.- each hour
At your request we will gladly deliver catering services.


The Canal du Midi is a phenomenal network of 240 km of navigable waterways, which links the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea with each other through 328 artistic buildings (bridges, locks, aqueduct, tunnels, etc.)
It is one of the most remarkable achievements of civil engineering in modern times, built between 1667 and 1694. The care that its creator, Pierre-Paul Riquet, took in the design and the way it blends with the environment is an ingenious proof of art.

“Discover the less, the value of the beauty
and the taste of a good life”

directions to
“La Barque du Somail”


The Region
The aria arround Le Somail is in the heart of Le Minervois. You can relax wunderfully in this natural region. Please ask us about our “insider tips”




La Barque du Somail

Ruud Hol

184 Chemin des Patiasses


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